About Us

Artexion is a small, independent design agency. For 15 years we invent creative solutions for web and print. We love clear communication, pragmatic solutions and a different approach.

Netherlands / Kenya

Although permanently headquartered in the Netherlands, Artexion has several clients in Kenya, particular in the Mount Kenya area. Kenya is frequently being visited to support these clients and also acquire new customers.

Our Mission

It is our goal to walk different lines, not the ones that our clients should¬†think of themselves. To surprise, but also to present basic simple solutions if that is what it takes. Artexion wants to get involved in her clients’ needs and wishes. In that way we can sustain long relationships with our clients.

Creative Minds

Artexion is creative, but also very down-to-earth and pragmatic. Of course we want to dig deep and write complete symphonies, but if a plain folk tune is more rewarding, we choose the latter. And we need specialists, we hire John or Jane.

Toine van Oosten

Designer, owner

Sky van Oosten

Junior Creative Mind

John & Jane Doe

Freelance Creative Collegues

Some fun facts

It's been 15 years now since we started our design agency. We do a lot of things: from designing a simple post card to developing complete web stores. Never a dull moment, so to speak. An interim report with some fun facts...

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